What are iBeakens?

An iBeaken is story read by scanning a QR-code with a smartphone or digital tablet. The story can be about a place, a person, a statue or an object in a gallery, museum or historic house. An iBeaken story can include text, images, video, audio and hyperlinks to websites or web pages. The text can be presented in many different languages.

iBeakens are being used increasingly by heritage sites, museums and galleries to enhance visitor experience and provide visitor statistics. The QR codes can be displayed on markers, highlighting items of significance. They can also be part of an iBeaken cluster - a sequence of stories within one QR-code to be used on a guided walk or museum or gallery tour.

You can create your own iBeakens - go direct to ibeaken - or let us know your requirements, and we will build them for you.

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  • Communicate with your visitors in an easy, fun, cost-efficient way
  • Provide your visitors with guided tours, quizzes and up-to-date information
  • Stay in touch with your visitors after they leave the site
  • You can make your own iBeakens or commission us to make them for you using your text, photos and other resources


  • You can include audio files and video files in your content
  • You can use up to 3 images + 250 words with each iBeaken
  • Text can be provided in many different languages
  • You can access statistics to show you who is reading what and where
  • You can add your own logo, graphics and branding to labels and online content
  • You can choose your own URL and codes
  • You can create customizable prepaid cards for 'tours'